Mulberry Yeats Fire Brick Set

Mulberry Yeats Fire Brick Set

It has come to our attention there are a few versions of the Yeats stove some of which may not be compatible with this brick set. Please check the set inside your stove to ensure it matches the one pictured, dimensions below.


Back Brick Dimensions: H85mm x W350mm

Side Brick Dimensions (maximum): H200mm x W255mm

This is for the Mulberry Yeats Stove, Non Boiler Version Only

A full set of Vermiculite replacement bricks for the non boiler Mulberry Yeats.  Although the original bricks of the Mulberry were made from a refractory brick these replacements are made from Vermiculite which will give a better heat reflection into the firebox and helping the stove to burn at its optimum efficiency.

Our Price £40.00

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