Charnwood Almond Paint

Charnwood Almond Paint

Charnwood Almond Spray Paint

The Charnwood ivory or almond colour of spray paint is one of the most popular in the Charnwood Colours.  Most small 5-8 kW stoves would require 2 cans of Almond Spray to re-spray a complete stove. 

Charnwood Stoves offer you a choice of eight perfect shades and colours for their stoves. These colours can be used to either touch up an existing Charnwood stove or re-spray any stove yourself whenever you feel like a change.

The specially developed Charnwood paint is a high temperature stove paint formulated for an easy application. It is fast-drying for use on wood and multi-fuel stoves, boilers, furnaces and traditional cast iron cookers. Once applied it will withstand repeated heating and cooking temperatures up to 600 degrees.

Always follow manufacturers instructions.

Charnwood Coloured stove paint is also available in Gun Metal, Black, Pewter, Bronze, Brown, Blue and Green.
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