Replacement Stove Glass

If you have broken or cracked your stove glass then replacing it is quick and easy and it usually won't cost the earth. At Stove Spare Parts we can supply heat resistant glass for most multi fuel stoves and wood burners – even if you don't know the make or model, we're always happy to help. We only use industry standard Schott Robax high performance ceramic glass and, since most UK and European stove manufacturers work exclusively with Schott (simply because it's the best), it is likely to be exactly the same as the piece that needs replacing. Self-adhesive glass gasket tape is also available and unless your stove is less than six months old, we would always recommend replacing the glass gasket. A new gasket will improve the airtightness plus provide greater resilience for the spring clips and help avoid the possibility of over-tightening the retaining screws holding the glass and breaking it. 

NB In the interests of safety never operate your stove with cracked or missing glass. If your glass is crazed or cloudy then this is only cosmetic and will not affect its safe performance. Find out more information on disposing of old stove glass here.

How to order your replacement stove glass

Please Note Although we have made every effort to ensure that the stove glass sizes quoted for the various makes and models are correct, it is not unusual for manufacturers over time to introduce modifications, or to change their sub-contractors, which may have an impact on the size of the stove window. We have therefore provided some guidance on how to reduce the possibility of ordering the wrong size where there might be some doubt. All of our stove glass is custom cut and finished specifically for your order. Most glass is dispatched by us within two working days. If it is likely to take any longer we will advise you.

If you know the make and model of your stove please refer to our comprehensive replacement glass list below.

If your stove is not listed please refer to the Custom Cut Replacement Stove Glass information page or our guide on How to Make a Stove Glass Template.

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