Custom Cut Replacement Stove Glass

Whatever the make, model or age of your stove then Stove Spare Parts' bespoke heat resistant glass cutting service can provides you with a quick and affordable solution. We can always provide you with a ballpark estimate to start with or an accurate quotation from precise dimensions or template that you supply to us. It's something we do every other day, so you'll be in safe hands.

Rectangular Stove Glass

If your glass is rectangular and you still have the pieces then it is always best to measure the glass yourself (to the nearest millimetre) and then cross-check it with any measurements that we quote for your make and model on the Stove Spare Parts list. Provided the measurements are within one or two millimetres then it should be safe to proceed with your order. If your make and model is not listed on our site then we will work from the measurements that you have taken from your broken glass. If you can't accurately measure the broken glass, or it is missing altogether, then please see our information on Making a Glass Template. Alternatively you could start by emailing us a photograph so that if possible we can help to identify the make and model for you.

Shaped or Arched Stove Glass

If the glass has an arched top, or is shaped in some way, and your make and model is not shown on our lists then please make a stiff paper or card template for your glass indicating the overall size and height, as well as any other useful dimensions. Post the template to us (please do not email a drawing) so that we can then cut your glass precisely according to your template. Please see our helpful page on Making a Glass Template.

Curved Stove Glass

This is highly specialised area and, providing that you know the make and model of your stove, then we are happy to order this from the manufacturer on your behalf. Without this information it will be very difficult to proceed, in which case you should contact the stove dealer who sold you the stove to help you track down a replacement. Whatever you do, any replacement curved stove glass is likely to be expensive.