Check the condition of the stove bodywork

Not a lot can go wrong with the bodywork on a well made stove which has been correctly operated. However, always check the operation of the door handle and adjust it if necessary to improve the seal it makes with the bodywork.
See our section on checking the door rope seal by clicking here. Check the door hinges and general operation of the door to ensure it still hangs and fits correctly. Steel doors can be prone to warping from over-firing so if your stove has a steel door then please check this aspect carefully as this will almost certainly affect the fire rope's air-tight seal and your ability to control the stove effectively.

If your stove is made of cast iron then also check the condition of the fire cemented seams where the cast iron side panels are joined. When the stove is cold repair any damage with fire cement, being careful to remove any unwanted fire cement residue before it sets.

Geoff Royle

Geoff Royle is our Head of Marketing. He is heavily involved in the Stove Industry and represents WBS and The Stove Yard in the Stove Industry Alliance. Geoff also has recently joined the Hetas Technical Committee and is looking forward to discussing in detail all future stove, flue and installation legislation.