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Due to brexit related courier changes there will be delays to all shipments to ROI until our system is updated with customs information - we expect this to only be a matter of days.

Charnwood, Morso and Dunsley parts will experience 6 to 8 week delays.

Coronavirus Update: Due to longer than normal wait times from suppliers, there will be slight delays on orders. Please email for any enquiries and we will respond as soon as possible.

Stove Spare Parts

We are your one-stop shop for stove spares, stove replacement parts and all stove consumable products which can be delivered to you anywhere in the UK and Ireland at very competitive prices.

At Stove Spare Parts we only supply genuine stove spares, direct from the stove manufacturer, for the UK and Ireland's best selling stoves. If there is a stove spare part that you are looking for and we have not yet listed it on our website then please do not hesitate to contact us, by phone or by email, and we will do our very best to source it for you.

Even if you do not need a stove spare yet, we hope that you'll use The Stove Spare Parts website's knowledge base to learn more about stoves and their safe and legal installation as well as how best to operate them to maximise performance and fuel efficiency.


Order parts online or by phone, they will then be delivered direct to your door.


Members of the Stove Spare Parts team are always at hand to help you with any questions.


Our sensible pricing means you will not pay over the odds to keep your stove in top condition.

Commonly Replaced Parts

There are a few components that will wear out naturally through normal use, because of this they are generally regarded by the stove manufacturer as 'consumables' and therefore are not covered under their stove warranty. These include any door rope seals, the heat resistant stove glass, any fire bricks, the baffle plate (also known as a deflection or throat plate) and the fire grate. Certain popular stove parts are readily available and can be quickly supplied to you, whilst some irregular spares may take us a little longer.

Baffle Plate

Stove baffle plates

Fire Bricks

Stove fire bricks

Fire Grate

Stove grates


Stove Spare Glass

Replacing the door rope seal

Over time rope seals, even on the very best stoves, will become compressed sufficiently to allow additional air into the stove, reducing your ability to control the flame and also loosing you significant fuel efficiency.

The consequent lack of control can lead to inefficiencies, wasting fuel and can potentially lead to over-firing and the over-heating of some of the stove components, needlessly burning out fire grates and baffle plates and even permanently damaging the fabric of the stove if left for a long period.

This helpful video from shows you the steps required to replace the rope seal.