Aga Wren Flue Blanking Plate

Genuine Aga Spare Part for the Aga Wren Stove

Part Number: C125


Part 9 on exploded drawing.


The original stove is supplied with a 125mm (5”) diameter flue spigot which can be fitted to the back casting for back outlet connection and fitted to the hob casting for top outlet connection. For the top outlet casting, fit the flue spigot to the top outlet using the three fixings screws (M6 x 30mm Countersunk Socket Head screws with M6 nuts & 22mm OD by 7mm ID washers). For back outlet connection, remove the flue blanking plate from the back outlet connection by loosening the fixing bolt (M6 x 30mm Socket Head Screw) with the 5mm allen key supplied with stove. Refit the blanking plate to the top outlet connection and fit the flue spigot to the back outlet connection using the three fixing screws with nuts.